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The Impossible Tour: a pre-sold tour of 10 US cities in October/November 2011.

Amazing art is made possible by large groups of people. Some artists have record labels, managers, and huge touring budgets. Those people get to take chances, put on amazing shows, have costumes, lighting, publicity, and tour busses.

The Impossible Girl has you. I’m tired of playing small shows. I want to play big shows. And what I mean by “big shows” is not just the size of the audience, but the size of the art. I can do a big show for 10 people. And here’s how:

In June 2011 I put up a Kickstarter for my first ever pre-sold show in New York City. The show sold in 24 hours and I was able to put on an amazing show for an excited audience of people who helped make the show happen. I had an amazing stage set, projections, great sound, a wonderful webcast, and a show recording.

This time I’m doing a tour. Each city has a date, the venue will be determined by the size of the audience. 10 people means a magical house show, 100 people means an intimate venue, 1000 people means an amazing concert at a rock club with fantastic sound and lights.

The shows will only happen if you make them happen.

OCTOBER 13th – San Diego, CA

OCTOBER 14th – Los Angeles, CA

OCTOBER 15th – San Francisco, CA

OCTOBER 21st – Seattle, WA

OCTOBER 22nd – Portland, OR

OCTOBER 23rd – Minneapolis, MN

OCTOBER 27th – New Orleans, LA

NOVEMBER 4th – Boston, MA

NOVEMBER 5th – Hartford, CT

NOVEMBER 12th – New York, NY

Buy a ticket. Spread the word. Make art happen.

If you don’t see your city on the list, don’t be sad. I will add more dates if these shows sell well. The best way to get me to add dates is to tell people about my tour, then email me to tell me where you want me to play.

Molly Crabapple will be illustrating a unique poster for each show on the tour, that means your show gets its own poster. I’ll be posting these as they are completed.



Touring is EXPENSIVE, which is why pre-selling a show is so important for me. $1000 is the minimum goal, but I can always use more. More money made = more money spent on making the show great.

- Travel costs
- Venue costs
- Merchandise
- Opening acts
- Stage decorations


Press Links for The Impossible Girl and pre-sold shows:

BBC – World Service Interview

(I will endeavor make all of these shows all ages. If for some reason I cannot make a show all ages I will find a way to put on a show just for my audience members who are under 21 and/or refund tickets.)



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  • victor!

    wow, kim! just wow!

    I’m impressed with your bold disposition to keep creating and making impossible things possible!!

    keep the unicorns, keep the magic! we need it to keep dreaming.

  • Warren Ellis

    [...] reinvented the way she does shows, and illustrated a new path for working musicians in the process. Now she’s applying that to the tour. A ten-date Oct/Nov American tour where each show is pre-sold, and the level at which it is pre-sold [...]