The Power of the Crowd

October 29th, 2012 · No Comments · crowd sourced, Neil Gaiman



It’s the last 6 days of the Kickstarter campaign to fund my next album. We’re in the home stretch. I am currently at $22,000 of my $30,000 minimum goal. $30,000 is the absolute minimum to record and release the album to Kickstarter backers. Reaching a higher goal would grant me the ability to tour, make videos, and record even more music.

Today I did some calculations based on reaching my minimum goal of $30,000 and my dream goal of $50,000.

I am not famous, but I do have fans. Twitter, Facebook and my email list put that number at about 5,000. That’s not many people human population wise. But the small may be mighty!

Since 677 wonderful people have already backed the project (THANK YOU!!) I’ve based my calculations on 4,323 (5,000 – 677).

If 4,323 of you wonderful people back my project for $2 (get a digital download of the whole album for $2) I will have enough to record and release my album to Kickstarter backers.

If 4,323 of you extra super amazingly wonderful back my album for $7 I will have enough to reach my dream goal, tour, make videos, breathe, eat, and make more music.

$2 would be great.

$7 would be amazing.

That isn’t much money when it’s broken down that way. That is the power of the crowd.

Your power.




This is how I feel about my new album, and about your support!

Gratuitous celebrity endorsement:

p.s. I have evacuated from my NY apartment that was on the border of the flood zone. I’m staying with friends in a no-flood zone. The winds are getting a bit gusty. The storm surge has already begun. I have pancake mix and maple syrup. And whiskey. Hoping for the best.


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