Happy Valentine’s Day

The Washington Post


The Washington Post has run a very lovely piece about the animation I did with Molly Crabapple and Jim Batt. The story also includes a bunch of history of how Jim and I fell in love while working on the project. READ IT HERE


Jim and KimHe has my heart! He has my heart! He has my heart!

The Impossible Girl’s Possible Gift Guide

A personalized and signed gift-card and pre-order for my album, “The Sky is Calling.”



An early x-mas gift: Tickets to my San Francisco show on Dec. 13th.



T-shirts and DVDs for “I Have Your Heart”, the animation by me, Molly Crabapple, & Jim Batt.  SELLING FAST





This amazing silk screen print by Molly Crabapple



Spooky chamber music by Meredith Yayanos. So beautiful.



Vagina Dentata underwear by Melissa Dowell



CAPES! Everyone needs a cape. Or two. Or three.



High-quality, handmade jackets by my gorgeous friend Bex



And last, but certainly not least, the gift of freedom: The Rolling Jubilee purchases defaulted medical debt, and then forgives it, freeing people from the burden of debt. Amazing.





I Have Your Heart

Ladies and gentlemen! The animation we have been working on for over 2 years is done and gorgeous! Be sure to watch it full screen in HD and then share, share, share!


I’m very proud and happy and thankful to have worked with the incredibly talented Molly Crabapple and Jim Batt.

It got premiered on BoingBoing.net yesterday – head over there for some behind the scenes photos. And check out the website here: www.ihaveyourheart.com and if you want some wonderful merchandise related to the film go here: http://bit.ly/TUOtxh

By way of a little update

I left New York on Wednesday morning and arrived in Melbourne on Friday morning. It is cold here! We have fires and drink hot tea and wear scarves. Very different from my sweaty summer in NY. This fuzzy blue hot water bottle is my best friend.

Since arriving I have been sleeping, eating scones, helping Jim with the animation, and doing my part to make sure my pre-sold tour gets sold.

I’m happy to report that with 56 hours to go half of my pre-sold “Impossible Tour” has sold!


Shows that will happen!


NOVEMBER 4th – Boston, MA

NOVEMBER 12th – New York, NY

OCTOBER 15th – San Francisco, CA

OCTOBER 27th – New Orleans, LA

OCTOBER 22nd – Portland, OR


Shows that may not happen

OCTOBER 14th – Los Angeles, CA

OCTOBER 23rd – Minneapolis, MN

NOVEMBER 5th – Hartford, CT

OCTOBER 21st – Seattle, WA

OCTOBER 13th – San Diego, CA


I’m really excited about the shows that have been funded and I cannot wait to come to those cities and put on amazing shows. There’s still a little bit of time left to buy tickets, so if you want a show now is your chance.



Here’s a little preview photo from the set of the “I Have Your Heart” animation:


Follow the progress here: http://www.ihaveyourheart.com







The Map of a Truck

Today I recorded my final rap for Amanda Palmer’s ‘Map of Tasmania.’

Today Jim is working on ‘The Organ Donor’s March’ animation, cutting up pieces of paper, figuring things out. I love to watch him work.

Today I found out my childhood friend is in a coma here in Melbourne. She was run over by a garbage truck. Her pelvis is crushed. Her coma is medically induced, they don’t want to wake her up. Too much pain. She can’t breathe on her own, there are machines to do it for her.

We grew up not far from each other, in the countryside of Ontario, Canada. Her family and my family were good friends. I have so many memories of those beautiful, blonde sisters and their fairytale home. She has lived in Melbourne for years. She is insanely smart, like scary smart. When she was five she had a better vocabulary than most professional writers. She’s a lawyer now. She’s 27. She was run over by a truck. A fucking truck.

Humans are so little. So fragile. Trucks are big. And stupid. Who the fuck thought of trucks?

I want to keep smiling and believe that she will be ok. Because humans are fragile but they are also very strong. And resilient. And she’s so smart and determined and beautiful. She must know how to fix herself. Even in her sleep.

She was riding her bicycle to work.

I write a blog, I send emails, I record a song. I keep doing things. Intermittently, I cry. Quietly.

I want to be able to make her all better. I want to fix everything.

Jim cuts paper. I send some more emails. And I try to understand how to keep going when someone so beautiful is hurting so badly. And I can’t do anything about it.