Molly Crabapple is one of my closest friends and a constant collaborator. We met at one of my concerts and fell immediately in love with each other’s ambition and creativity. When I came to NYC on tour nearly six years ago she convinced me to move in with her. We’ve been creating art ever since. I’ve watched her go from a talented illustrator, frustrated with her career, to a badass journalist and fine artist with accolades and awards and real cred.

She’s one of the smartest, hardest-working people I know and I’m so proud of her! Get her book, it is a great story, it is well-written, it is filled with great art, and there’s a chapter about me.

Comes out on December 1st. Pre-order it here.

I will be joining Molly and friends at a book event on December 2nd in NYC: You should come.

Art was my dearest friend.
To draw was trouble and safety, adventure and freedom.
In that four-cornered kingdom of paper, I lived as I pleased.
This is the story of a girl and her sketchbook.

In language that is fresh, visceral, and deeply moving—and illustrations that are irreverent and gorgeous—here is a memoir that will change the way you think about art, sex, politics, and survival in our times.From a young age, Molly Crabapple had the eye of an artist and the spirit of a radical. After a restless childhood on New York’s Long Island, she left America to see Europe and the Near East, a young artist plunging into unfamiliar cultures, notebook always in hand, drawing what she observed.

Returning to New York City after 9/11 to study art, she posed nude for sketch artists and sketchy photographers, danced burlesque, and modeled for the world famous Suicide Girls. Frustrated with the academy and the conventional art world, she eventually landed a post as house artist at Simon Hammerstein’s legendary nightclub The Box, the epicenter of decadent Manhattan nightlife before the financial crisis of 2008. There she had a ringside seat for the pitched battle between the bankers of Wall Street and the entertainers who walked among them—a scandalous, drug-fueled circus of mutual exploitation that she captured in her tart and knowing illustrations. Then, after the crash, a wave of protest movements—from student demonstrations in London to Occupy Wall Street in her own backyard—led Molly to turn her talents to a new form of witness journalism, reporting from places such as Guantanamo, Syria, Rikers Island, and the labor camps of Abu Dhabi. Using both words and artwork to shed light on the darker corners of American empire, she has swiftly become one of the most original and galvanizing voices on the cultural stage.

Now, with the same blend of honesty, fierce insight, and indelible imagery that is her signature, Molly offers her own story: an unforgettable memoir of artistic exploration, political awakening, and personal transformation.

Video for Amnesty International

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.37.09 PM

Jim Batt, Molly Crabapple, and I did a video for for Amnesty International’s “Write for Rights” campaign. Check out the campaign here.

“Your hand-written letters, combined with hundreds of thousands of others from around the world, can change the lives of this year’s 12 cases. Become part of the largest grassroots human rights event in the world by signing up to either host a letter writing party, join one, or write on your own.”

Happy Valentine’s Day

The Washington Post


The Washington Post has run a very lovely piece about the animation I did with Molly Crabapple and Jim Batt. The story also includes a bunch of history of how Jim and I fell in love while working on the project. READ IT HERE


Jim and KimHe has my heart! He has my heart! He has my heart!

The Impossible Girl’s Possible Gift Guide

A personalized and signed gift-card and pre-order for my album, “The Sky is Calling.”



An early x-mas gift: Tickets to my San Francisco show on Dec. 13th.



T-shirts and DVDs for “I Have Your Heart”, the animation by me, Molly Crabapple, & Jim Batt.  SELLING FAST





This amazing silk screen print by Molly Crabapple



Spooky chamber music by Meredith Yayanos. So beautiful.



Vagina Dentata underwear by Melissa Dowell



CAPES! Everyone needs a cape. Or two. Or three.



High-quality, handmade jackets by my gorgeous friend Bex



And last, but certainly not least, the gift of freedom: The Rolling Jubilee purchases defaulted medical debt, and then forgives it, freeing people from the burden of debt. Amazing.





I Have Your Heart

Ladies and gentlemen! The animation we have been working on for over 2 years is done and gorgeous! Be sure to watch it full screen in HD and then share, share, share!


I’m very proud and happy and thankful to have worked with the incredibly talented Molly Crabapple and Jim Batt.

It got premiered on BoingBoing.net yesterday – head over there for some behind the scenes photos. And check out the website here: www.ihaveyourheart.com and if you want some wonderful merchandise related to the film go here: http://bit.ly/TUOtxh

New York City with Molly Crabapple

Limited Edition art print by Molly Crabapple here

I came to New York for a show and a visit in January 2010. While hanging out with Molly Crabapple she suggested I move into her apartment in Williamsburg as her roommate was leaving and she had a few months to go on the lease. Since we were doing a webcast while she asked me she put it to an internet vote. NYC came out favorably. The rent was cheap. I was feeling adventurous. I said yes. I was in New York from mid March to June of 2010 and made a conscious decision to be in  a “YES” mind frame. I kept myself open to possibilities, stretched myself to go out more, and talked to strangers – two of whom became a life changing friends.

New York is amazing. It is the best city. Rather, it is the best at being a city. I love a lot of places and none so far has been able to keep me for long. But New York is a singular place. A gigantic maelstrom of an organism that eats itself daily. And being in that crazy maw, being consumed by the energy of the city is a feeling like no other. The motion, the grind, the ever present culture, art, music, madness. Whatever you want you can have in New York. And you can have it delivered any time of day or night. The speed of the city is intense, too intense for many, but it was the first place I’d ever been where my ambition, my drive to be constantly DOING, was not out of place. In New York I didn’t have to convince people to do things, or explain why, or pull teeth, or leave people behind as I moved on to do things. New York was ready and willing to DO and make and see and dance and play.

The best of the best come to New York, whether to live or to visit/work for a short time. Every room contains at least one genius, one person pushing their field. Someone who will blow your mind in a simple conversation. I’ve met rockstars, actors, famous authors, ground breaking engineers, nuclear physicists, and amazing artists in the smallest, most unassuming places.

New York pushes people to be their best. And it breaks people too. There is only one speed and if you can’t keep up then you risk being ground into dust. All the glittering lights are run on the blood, sweat, and tears of a population who will never bask in their glow. And the ornate facades are likely to crumble or fade if inspected too closely.

And it’s expensive. New York will suck all of the money out of your wallet. There are certainly cheap things, ways to live inexpensively, but if you want to partake of the best New York has to offer – which is EVERYTHING – then even $3 a pop it will add up quickly.

In New York I learned that I could be happy. I was not in a relationship, I didn’t have any money, my career was at a standstill while I was recording my album. But I was happy. And most importantly I was happy independently of being in love, being financially stable, or having career success. I am not always happy, but remembering the time when I was helps lead me back to that place. I’m not sure how much the city had to do with my small enlightenment but that’s where it happened.

So I started to write a love song for New York City and Molly wanted me to finish it and I didn’t for a long time because I was daunted by writing a song for such a grand place. But Molly is very good at getting what she wants, and poking me, and pushing me to do more and more and more. So I finally finished the song and finally recorded it. Someday I’d like to do a big band version. But I like this stripped down simple version too, because it’s a more honest reflection of my grit and glitter existence in the city of cities. Diamonds and champagne at night, cockroaches and broken glass for breakfast.

In the time that I’ve known Molly Crabapple we have collaborated a lot and I have watched her push herself and watched her art get better and better. She inspires me all the time. Just as this song is a love letter to New York it is a love letter to Molly. One of many I’m sure. She’s a fucking legend and I’m so lucky to know her and work with her.

In addition to that gorgeous print there is a limited edition t-shirt available. Gold ink on a black shirt in men’s and women’s styles. I would LOVE to sell everything by the end of the year. That would help me release the next song.



New York City

I want to live in a shoebox,
at the top of the world,
at the top of the food chain,
with all the beautiful girls.
I want to live in the city,
that never stops,
even when I’m at the bottom,
I’ll be at the top of,
New York, New York City.

It’s big and it’s dirty,
it runs too hot, too cold,
it’ll grind you down so hard
that even the young are old.
If you’ve got the ambition,
you can join the race,
but for every opportunity,
there’s one million others crowding for space in
New York, New York City.

You’ve got myths, you’ve got legends,
you’ve got the Chelsea Hotel,
if you ring the right bell boy,
he might even ring your bell.
When you’re feeling down and out,
and you can’t pay the rent,
there’s nothing a $58 martini,
won’t help you forget in
New York, New York City.

I want to live at Ground Zero,
of culture and fame,
I want everything that glitters,
and I want it to spell out my name.
I want to live in the city,
that never sleeps,
where even the shallows are
drowning deep.
New York, New York City.

New York, New York City.



I’m not in New York right now though. I’m in Australia. Sneaking up on wombats.

I’ll tell you all about  my Australia plans soon.


Right Side Up

 The Story

This is how it goes (or how it went for me) you start a band and you get in a car and you drive around the country many many many times until after a while people start coming to shows. And then more people come. And after a few years of this the empty rooms have become full rooms and you can afford things like food and rent.

Then your band breaks up.

Then you start over as a rocking solo artist and you drive around a little bit but nobody is coming to your shows and you know that you don’t have it in you to drive around the country again for three years. So in Portland Oregon you drink a lot of whiskey and re-invent the concept of touring.


You realize, from your years of experience (and by use of your vast intellect,) that touring is backwards.

Booking a gig and then promoting and hoping people will show up is crazy. CRAZY.

We don’t think of it as crazy because we take it for granted that crazy people (called musicians) all over the world will risk their livelihoods and happiness on the off chance that empty rooms will stop being empty and people will come to shows.

And then you realize that you are one of the crazy people. Have some more whiskey.

At this juncture, out of money and out of whiskey, you realize there are two options:

OPTION A) Quit touring, be a recording artist who never plays live. Or get a day job, nobody likes you anyway.

OPTION 2) Do something you don’t think anybody has ever done before at your level: pre-sell the concerts, the tour, the everything. You’ve got the fans, you know they support you, you raised $20,000 to record your album. SOMEBODY likes you!

You know you’re crazy anyway. Might as well do something crazy about this crazy situation.

Yeah. We know for all your mild mannered cuteness that what you really want to do is change the world.

So do it. One show at a time.

They’ve got your back.


by Shami Kiely
Thursday, July 21st
New York City

The Kickstarter will be up for two weeks. The show will be all ages. Tickets are only $10. Everyone who attends gets a limited edition poster with art by Molly Crabapple. The show will be webcast so you can watch from anywhere in the world. The show will also be recorded and every single person who pledges will get a download of the set played live. I want to play for you!!!!


I want to do this in other cities! Contact me to bring the show to your city: kim (at) kimboekbinder.com