I Have Your Heart

Ladies and gentlemen! The animation we have been working on for over 2 years is done and gorgeous! Be sure to watch it full screen in HD and then share, share, share!


I’m very proud and happy and thankful to have worked with the incredibly talented Molly Crabapple and Jim Batt.

It got premiered on BoingBoing.net yesterday – head over there for some behind the scenes photos. And check out the website here: www.ihaveyourheart.com and if you want some wonderful merchandise related to the film go here: http://bit.ly/TUOtxh

Space Barbarian and Marie Antoinette

As I reached 2,500 followers on Twitter yesterday I took a poll as to what I should do to celebrate. I had people pick a costume, and which artist’s song I should play. Then I got dressed up with my friend Saint Clare and we sang “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles.

Filmed by Jim Batt
Edited by Kim Boekbinder
Costumes by Rose Chong’s in Melbourne

The Map of a Truck

Today I recorded my final rap for Amanda Palmer’s ‘Map of Tasmania.’

Today Jim is working on ‘The Organ Donor’s March’ animation, cutting up pieces of paper, figuring things out. I love to watch him work.

Today I found out my childhood friend is in a coma here in Melbourne. She was run over by a garbage truck. Her pelvis is crushed. Her coma is medically induced, they don’t want to wake her up. Too much pain. She can’t breathe on her own, there are machines to do it for her.

We grew up not far from each other, in the countryside of Ontario, Canada. Her family and my family were good friends. I have so many memories of those beautiful, blonde sisters and their fairytale home. She has lived in Melbourne for years. She is insanely smart, like scary smart. When she was five she had a better vocabulary than most professional writers. She’s a lawyer now. She’s 27. She was run over by a truck. A fucking truck.

Humans are so little. So fragile. Trucks are big. And stupid. Who the fuck thought of trucks?

I want to keep smiling and believe that she will be ok. Because humans are fragile but they are also very strong. And resilient. And she’s so smart and determined and beautiful. She must know how to fix herself. Even in her sleep.

She was riding her bicycle to work.

I write a blog, I send emails, I record a song. I keep doing things. Intermittently, I cry. Quietly.

I want to be able to make her all better. I want to fix everything.

Jim cuts paper. I send some more emails. And I try to understand how to keep going when someone so beautiful is hurting so badly. And I can’t do anything about it.

Pouncing on the New Year

I am writing this from the future. It is already a new year for me, a shiny, brand new year. I have made sure it is not poisonous, it is safe for you to take a bite out of 2011.

Isn’t it strange that numbers are so important to us? The New Year rolls around and we feel a sense of defeat or triumph. We curse the old year and we reach for the promise of renewal that tomorrow offers.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new year. It is important. It will be epic. This will be THE YEAR. We turn our faces into the bright, shining hope that the numbers on the calendar are a spell that can evoke and bring forth a new life – maybe a little like the life we already have only shinier, happier, thinner, less smokey, more creative…

This year, I will be a better me. This year…

It’s silly, I tell myself. But I feel it. Feel the depression of the autumn sloughing off me, the dried snakeskin of last year is ready to fall away. I crouch, tensing muscles in anticipation, flicking a long tail of excitement as I wait for the clock to tell me it is time to pounce!

This year. This year I will be more. A bigger, brighter, incan-fucking-descent, unstoppable, irrepressible, undeniable force.

Just like last year.


I love New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t even matter what I do. I can be out at a party, I can be home alone. New Year’s, for me, is a wrapping up time. I lived last year. I did things. I feel a sense of accomplishment. And I am ready for the next year.

2010 was amazing for me, it brought me so many things, life altering, universe bending things. I worked really hard and got a lot done, met some of the best people of my life, and learned how to be happy.

Here’s a very short tour of “Fantastically Wonderous Things Kim did in 2010.”

Finished my very first solo album which was fully funded by YOU. Thank you!!!! It is so good. Produced by Sean Slade (Radiohead, Dresden Dolls,) engineered by Benny Grotto (Boston’s Producer of the Year,) made musically delicious by a small selection of wonderful musicians. I worked with a dream team, and we made a really dreamy album

Got amazing artists involved in the album project. Each song has an illustration by a different artist. And the cover of my album was done by the amazing, Travis Louie:

Met and fell in friend love/deep collaboration frenzy with Molly Crabapple:

Made art for a sculpture show:

Moved to New York City:


Played in Australia, Canada, Germany, and back and forth across the US several times.
Here’s a live video of an intimate show at Cindy Wonderful’s FAB LAB in Berlin:
Got drunk in New Orleans (also played 6 shows, shot an upcoming music video, and registered to clean pelicans:)

Made amazing videos with BriAnna Olson:

Made amazing music videos with Jim Batt (more to come!) :

Met Peaches at one of my shows in Berlin. She said I was intense. Best compliment ever.

Got an assistant!!! Shannon, you make my life better.

Hugged a trumpet player:

Launched a make up line with Sweet Libertine!

And last, but certainly not least: I fell in love. The best ever love. With the best ever person. Ever. And we love you, too.

‘Stalker’ music video by Jim Batt

Please leave comments on the youtube page and share everywhere you can think of: facebook, twitter, blogs…

Directed by the incredibly talented (and imminently patient) Jim Batt.
This video was shot in one day in the middle of winter in Melbourne, Australia. The spunk (that’s Australian for total babe) I’m stalking is Mojo Juju, an amazing musician and performer here in the land down under.

The house belongs to Frankie Valentine, Mojo’s partner.

My dress was found at a vintage shop and the rest of the costume was provided by Rose Chong Costumes in Melbourne.

That little nightgown was FREEZING cold. I also had no idea how see through it was until I saw the footage.

Big thanks to: Mojo Juju, Frankie Valentine, Jim Batt, Anthony Cleave, Rose Chong’s, Tim Tam’s, Murray Lorden, and whiskey.


And one other thing: MY ALBUM COMES OUT DECEMBER 15TH!!!!!!!!!!

Under a Strange Sky

Saw my first Koala yesterday! In a tree in the backyard, just hanging out, very wet and bedraggled, but super fuzzy and cute and very close. He was not as excited to see me as I was to see him.

Still no kangaroos. The locals laugh at me for being so excited to see the native fauna – literally running in circles I was so excited about the koala. But then I laughed out loud – a lot – when Jim told me how awesome it was to see a squirrel when he went to America. 

I’m in the countryside, about 45 minutes from the nearest town, about 2 hours from Melbourne. We came up to shoot some videos in the woods. Jim Batt wears a special director’s hat.

One of the videos will have these paper flowers, so I’ve been churning them out on a little assembly line.

Today we shot two videos – one for me, one for another project Jim works on: www.ghostlightproject.com

Tomorrow we will shoot another two videos for me. We have plans to shoot at least three more videos while I’m here, it’s a very ambitious schedule, but I’m very interested in the visual aspect of my album as well.

Here are some costume scouting photos – from Rose Chong’s in Melbourne, Australia:



p.s. The sky is different here. New constellations in the night sky. And sometimes when I look up….I see koalas!

Where is the Kim?

Photo by: Ken “Sharky” Braden
I’m in a cafe in Melbourne, Australia, planning music videos and album release dates. Jim Batt will be writing and directing all the videos I make in Australia – he’s also the one working on the animated music video for The Organ Donor’s March.

The jet lag is pretty intense, but mostly hasn’t bothered me because I’ve been staying in and not venturing out into the world too much. I’ll have more to say about Australia soon – once I get myself out of the strange time zone that I have made for myself that doesn’t correspond to anything else in the world.

New Orleans was wonderful. I shot a great music video with Ron Rona, played four shows, and did two really good radio interviews: WWOZ, and WTUL. I also made some really wonderful new connections and strengthened existing friendships. New Orleans is a wonderful, magical place that can only exist in one spot in this planet. I spent a lot of time signing up to volunteer on the oil “spill” cleanup, but was never called to work. The tragedy was brought into a different light being in a place that was so imminently threatened by it. I still cannot believe that the criminals responsible have been left in charge of the cleanup. The frustration, rage, and sadness of the locals is palpable and I felt it all myself as New Orleans is one of my homes.

We are sad, we are angry, we are human. We keep living, smiling, driving on.


I’m so impatient to release my album, but also happy to be taking time to gather all the pieces and release it in a good way. There are so many songs, in so many styles, and so many ways to present the work. I’ve been getting my art submissions from contributing artists and I’m really incredibly happy with the quality, variety, and creativity of these pieces. The Impossible Girl is growing into a wonderful garden of collaboration.


Here is a video by Ron Rona (who directed my shoot for “The Big Easy”)

Here is a video by Jim Batt