Recording ⚡NOISEWITCH⚡

Noisewitch_HayleyRosenblum-1 copy

I began recording the album in 2014 in my NYC home. Then I carried those songs to Berlin where I recorded with Andrew Jigalin. The songs came around the world with me, being recorded and written by me in whatever place I was – NYC, New Orleans, Melbourne, Toronto. In October 2015 I paid for two days at Studio G, then followed up with three days in April 2016. Last week I spent five more days in the studio. There will be final adjustments, maybe some special guests, and certainly, mastering. But the main recording is done! And this is thanks to my supporters – YOU – at MISSION CONTROL and on Kickstarter and on the internet and in the physical spaces I sometimes inhabit with my body and my sounds. Thank you for making ⚡NOISEWITCH⚡ possible. And glorious.

The next steps to releasing the album are many. So many. But right now I have a glittering bundle of sounds we made, me, my friends, my engineers. I will make a post speaking just about them – they are wonderful and deserve their own special post.

Next there are videos to make and shows to book and merch to manufacture and schedules to plot. All good things. My booking agents at Mile One Touring are wonderful. My show page is going to start filling up. (Save these dates for now (NYC 10/28, NOLA 11/04, SLC 11/16, Denver 11/17)

Music photographer Hayley Rosenblum came by the studio to capture some of what happened:

Noisewitch_HayleyRosenblum-2 copy

Noisewitch_HayleyRosenblum-3 copy

Noisewitch_HayleyRosenblum-5 copy

Noisewitch_HayleyRosenblum-6 copy

Noisewitch_HayleyRosenblum-7 copy

Pre-order ⚡NOISEWITCH⚡ my next album

My next album, NOISEWITCH, is halfway done. The second half of the recording takes place in August 2016. You can hear snippets of songs in the video above. I want to get this music into your ears as soon as possible! For this to happen I need to know there are enough of you wanting my album to take the leap and finish it.

Pre-order in Kickstarter:

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