Happy Valentine’s Day

The Washington Post


The Washington Post has run a very lovely piece about the animation I did with Molly Crabapple and Jim Batt. The story also includes a bunch of history of how Jim and I fell in love while working on the project. READ IT HERE


Jim and KimHe has my heart! He has my heart! He has my heart!

I Have Your Heart

Ladies and gentlemen! The animation we have been working on for over 2 years is done and gorgeous! Be sure to watch it full screen in HD and then share, share, share!


I’m very proud and happy and thankful to have worked with the incredibly talented Molly Crabapple and Jim Batt.

It got premiered on BoingBoing.net yesterday – head over there for some behind the scenes photos. And check out the website here: www.ihaveyourheart.com and if you want some wonderful merchandise related to the film go here: http://bit.ly/TUOtxh

Things I did in 2011

2011 was a year of collaborations and innovation for me. With projects that caused ripples in the music industry and projects that got me working with some wonderfully talented people.

I started my year in Australia with Meredith Yayanos and Jim Batt. And then…

– I wrote a song for Twitter:


– I toured Australia with Amanda Palmer:

– Released my “Rap of Tasmania” in answer to Amanda’s “Map of Tasmania.”

– Played a residency in Melbourne, Australia.

– Launched a Kickstarter for “I Have Your Heart” – animated film short film set to my song “The Organ Donor’s March”


– Did a small US Tour – That tour was so poorly attended I came up with a new tour strategy: Pre-Sold Shows



The pre-sold show strategy changed the world. Just a tiny bit. I was on BBC World’s Service Radio, CNN Money, Boing Boing, which all started when I wrote a guest post for WarrenEllis.com

– I got printed out in 3D by MakerBot and I wrote them a song:

– Then I released my first 7″ record. It’s lavender. It’s really pretty.

– Released a music video by Jim Batt:

– Back in Australia I put together a band and wrote songs for the next album. HOLY FUCK. AMAZING. Next year is all about the next album.

– Then I did the pre-sold US tour.
– I wrote about Occupy Wall Street for Coilhouse.
– My OWS videos got played on The Daily Show and Rachel Maddow’s show.
– Made friends with a wild turkey on Thanksgiving:


– Released an OWS inspired song. It is dubtstep. It is different. 


– Released “New York City” with Molly Crabapple 


– Released “Music For Stray Days” with Juan Santapau (with violins by Meredith Yayanos.) 


– Wrote 20 custom songs:


– Made a music video in Janice Cable’s bed:


There are things I have left out, some on purpose and some not. Some good, some less good.




People who contributed to my wonderful year:


Jim Batt, Molly Crabapple, Meredith Yayanos, Oliver Boekbinder, Kate Rannells, Shannon Marshall, RoseAnn Fino, Karina Cetin, Bri Olson, Melissa Dowell, Malcolm Doherty, Kate Black, Katelan Foisy, Jessica Bloom, Audrey Penven, SF Slim, Nicole Aptekar, Warren Ellis, Clare Saint Clare, Mikelangelo, Sean Francis, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Oh gods this list is going to be long… Autumn Adamme, my family, Janice Cable, Fred Harper, Travis Louis, The Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band, David Rule, Anthony Cleave, Jess Daly, the entire Batt family, the turkey I met on Thanksgiving,  Lachlan, Murray Lorden, Cynthia Von Buhler, Occupy Wall Street, Bonnie Dennis, Ted Thibodeau, Christopher Daly, Nathalie Boisard Beudin, Salvador, Elizabeth Zibilich, Robert Starnes, Ramona Cat, Helen Gillet, Rita Burkholder (Helen Keller’s Ukulele), Teetering Bulb, Chris Grady, Myles Boisen, Hope Kodman, Laura Kidd (She Makes War), Jesse Von Doom, Myrrh Larsen, there are so many more… I’m stopping now, but if you are reading this then you probably belong on this list. I love you.


Thank you!





The Map of a Truck

Today I recorded my final rap for Amanda Palmer’s ‘Map of Tasmania.’

Today Jim is working on ‘The Organ Donor’s March’ animation, cutting up pieces of paper, figuring things out. I love to watch him work.

Today I found out my childhood friend is in a coma here in Melbourne. She was run over by a garbage truck. Her pelvis is crushed. Her coma is medically induced, they don’t want to wake her up. Too much pain. She can’t breathe on her own, there are machines to do it for her.

We grew up not far from each other, in the countryside of Ontario, Canada. Her family and my family were good friends. I have so many memories of those beautiful, blonde sisters and their fairytale home. She has lived in Melbourne for years. She is insanely smart, like scary smart. When she was five she had a better vocabulary than most professional writers. She’s a lawyer now. She’s 27. She was run over by a truck. A fucking truck.

Humans are so little. So fragile. Trucks are big. And stupid. Who the fuck thought of trucks?

I want to keep smiling and believe that she will be ok. Because humans are fragile but they are also very strong. And resilient. And she’s so smart and determined and beautiful. She must know how to fix herself. Even in her sleep.

She was riding her bicycle to work.

I write a blog, I send emails, I record a song. I keep doing things. Intermittently, I cry. Quietly.

I want to be able to make her all better. I want to fix everything.

Jim cuts paper. I send some more emails. And I try to understand how to keep going when someone so beautiful is hurting so badly. And I can’t do anything about it.