Single-Use Object

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Last week I sat down at my computer to write but there was no magic and I was writing about magic, so that just wouldn’t do.

My computer is amazing; a powerful, wonderful machine that makes so much of my life possible and enjoyable. My computer records my music, holds my written thoughts, helps me to make images and videos, and connects me to the mind-blowing internet where I do research, learn about the world, and meet amazing people like you.

But sometimes it is too much. Being able to do so many things on one machine can be distracting. Sometimes I want an object that only does one thing. Notebooks are nice but my handwriting is pretty bad unless I really try hard (and I rarely do), going back through my notes is like sifting through rubble – only a few pieces of a once glorious structure survive. So I do most of the writing I want to keep on the machine that doesn’t let my hands melt each letter into the next.

But my computer is closer to an “Every-Use Object” and I wanted a “Single-Use Object” – not an object I only use once, but an object I only use for one thing: typing words. After some research and a visit to Ebay I bought a Smith-Corona Galaxie II.

I’ve used typewriters as musical instruments, as decoration, as art. I’ve pulled them apart to make sculptures and jewelry. So while a typewriter might have many uses, it really is made for a single use.

I’ve rarely had the dedicated space to have a typewriter just for writing on. I feel so lucky to have a home now and a spare $40 to buy myself a “Single-Use Object” for writing when a computer just won’t do.

The objects I use change my life, they change the shape of my body and the shape of my brain. One Kim Boekbinder is best expressed on a computer, one is best in a notebook, another still will find her way out via typewriter.

Some people say they want to be the best they can be. I want to be *all* I can be. Every Kim Boekbinder there is.

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