We Are All Bowie Now


First I saw the reactions. Then I saw the news.

Then my heart bloomed grief.

I was surprised and not surprised by my level of shock and sadness. Surprised because I am not usually much affected by celebrity deaths and what I am experiencing is real grief. And yet I am not surprised because that shining creature, most beautiful artist, longest burning star in our galaxy of pop… is gone.

Goodnight, sweet Bowie.

For many years I didn’t know how much I loved Bowie. He was there, like the sun, giving life, shining on us all, inspiring thousands of artists and works of art in every musical genre and across the spectrum of visual arts; film and fashion and more. He was the prettiest boy and the handsomest lady. He was the snaggle-toothed, glitter-soaked, clear-eyed, gender-fluid deity that opened a fabulous door that millions of us born later got to walk through – only having to hear the stories that the door had once been closed tight.

Because he was always there we thought he would always be there. Or if not always, then at least forever.

David Bowie was a creature of Earth, fantastically alien and strikingly human at once, but flesh and bone and bits of stars like all of us. We live in a world that created David Bowie and that recognized him and celebrated him. We still live in that world. This world.

This world still creates people as rare and unique and wonderful and talented as David Bowie. Not everyone will be given the platform or the chance to shine as brightly as he did. Maybe no one ever will again. But the beauty and fierce creativity is all around us. Find it in yourself. Cherish it in others. Celebrate it always.

Bowie is gone.

And yet not gone. We lived in his incandescent glow for so long that he is part of who we are.

We are all Bowie now.

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