Noise Witch. Making music and telling stories in NYC.


  • Recording ⚡NOISEWITCH⚡

    I began recording the album in 2014 in my NYC home. Then I carried those songs to Berlin where I recorded with Andrew Jigalin. The songs came around the world with me, being recorded and written by me in whatever place I was – NYC, New Orleans, Melbourne, Toronto. In October 2015 I paid for […]

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  • Kickstarter project of the day!

    Today ⚡NOISEWITCH⚡ is Kickstarter’s “Project of the Day” – which means that if you look at the very front page of you’ll see this project there. It’s a big deal and I’m so honored. I’ve been using Kickstarter to fund projects since 2009 and I think they’re an incredible company making great things happen […]

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